About Opfer Communications

About Us

We're a global marketing and video production company located in Springfield, Missouri, with nearly 30 years' history behind us and some of the world's most respected brands on our resume. Whether collaborating with an agency or working directly with Fortune 500 brands or "mom and pop" inventors, we're experts in innovative storytelling and professors of consumer response.

Why Opfer?

Today, anyone with a cell phone is a video producer. And for some things, a cell phone video will do just fine. But if you're looking to promote your product, your brand and your livelihood with motion media, you're probably looking for something more. Whether it's telling your company's story, growing your brand or launching your product into the marketplace, it's what we do at Opfer every day.

And with over $1 billion in direct-to-consumer sales, we've gotten pretty good at it. How good? Good enough to unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.

Opfer Communications creates motion media that tells the stories of people, places and products to trigger audience response, drive sales and build brands.

Our Story

Way back in the 80's when hair was big and so was Tom Hanks, long-time television sportscaster Scott Opfer had lunch with a friend whose sports bar was losing money. Knowing the business depended on drink sales, its owner wasn't able to find a way to bring in the crowds he needed in the hot summer months. Immediately recognizing the core problem, Scott stepped in to help. He took a camera, filmed the games at a local softball complex and handed out drink coupons along with an invitation to come to the bar to watch the games. The idea was a hit, the crowds came and stayed and the sports bar sold 18 months later for a hefty profit. Seeing firsthand the power of video to engage and activate an audience, Scott bought 3 cameras, hired freelance videographers and Opfer Communications, Inc. was born.

As the company's client list of regional and national brands grew, Opfer Communications outgrew its basement accommodations and expanded its reach into direct-response television. Today, Opfer Communications provides commercial and corporate motion media services alongside direct-response integrated marketing campaigns for clients worldwide. Travel to any continent on earth, and you'll see something we've produced in one of 30 different languages - all from our 12,0002 feet headquarters and HD production studios right here in the Ozarks. We're proud of how our business has grown and the facility in which we work not just because it's fun to have cool stuff. But more because we've made it happen with a dream team of time-tested media veterans who are truly passionate about what they do. Opfer is where talent and technology merge with results that will blow your mind—not your budget.

Meet The Team

Scott Opfer

Founder / CEO

Lori Robertson

General Manager

Rob White

VP / Creative Director

Scott Reich

Director of Photography

Jim Barton

Senior Editor

Chris Louzader

Production Manager

Mark Holbrook


Krissy Bernhardi

Supervising Line Producer

Austin Opfer

Creative Producer

Sarah Summers

Production Coordinator

Lorin Fiehler

Production Coordinator

Kinjo Omar

Studio Manager

Chris Hubert


Nick Venturella


Our Clients

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